Moka Pot

Things you'll need:

- Find Size Ground Coffee
- Hot Water
- 1 x Moka Pot
- 1 x Grinder
- 1 x Stove
- 1 x Timer
- 1 x Scale
- 1 x Kettle

Step 1:

Add hot water to the bottom chamber of the Moka Pot until just below the pressure release valve.

Step 2:

Fill the pot's filter basket with the ground coffee until it is level and without pressing the grounds. Now place the filter basket into the bottom chamber.

Step 3:

Place the filter basket into the bottom chamber.

Step 4:

Carefully screw the top and the bottom chambers together and be carefil because the bottom chamber is hot.

Step 5:

Place the pot on a stove place or gas burner with a medium heat setting.

Step 6:

As the pressure builds up in the bottom chamber a stream of coffee will slowly start to flow up to the top chamber. If the flow is very fast then the heat is too high. The extraction is finished if you hear a hissing and bubbling sound. Then remove the Moka Pot immediately from the heat. 

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